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Anna Franquesa Solano (Barcelona, 1984) is a Cinematographer based in New York.


After graduating from the Universitat de Barcelona with a degree in Art History, Anna went on to study film in New York City, where she stayed forever after.


She has worked on numerous projects from feature films and documentaries, to commercials, branded content and short.

Anna is an outgoing and collaborative cinematographer, who enjoys articulating the subtleties of written story into visual language. She has a keen eye for detail and a well honed sensitivity for performance.

She is also and ambitious cook, but prefers keeping this a secret...




"The Farewell" - Feature film - Dir. Lulu Wang

"Venus by water" - Feature film - Dir. Lin Wang (Post-production)

“Silent notes” - Feature film - Dir. Toni Comas (Post-production)

“Buck Run” - Feature film - Dir. Nick Frangione 

“Indiana” - Feature film - Dir. Toni Comas 

“Bag Boy Lover Boy” – Feature film - Dir. Andres Torres

“American Falls” - Feature film - Dir. Toni Comas (Post-production)

"Ecstasy and Agony" - Short film - Dir. Rebecca Steele 

"The mermaid's Journey" - Short film - Dir. Alex Torterotot

"Empty bed" - Short film - Dir. Brandt Shandera

"Paco - Fin" - Short film - Dir. Oriol Gispert

“Empty Window” - Short film - Dir. Jenny Ming

“The lucky day” - Short film - Dir. Hyo Jin An

“Winning friends” - Short film - Dir. Michelle Girolami

"Space" - Short film - Dir. Eugene Kolb

“The film of a liar” - Short film - Dir. Chris Wen

“I Fix Everything” - Short film - Dir. Toni Comas and Marcelo Borja

“Coffee and Whiskey” - Short film - Dir. Toni Comas

“It’s only a big question” - Short film - Dir. Alberto Devoto




"Supersweet" - Feature Documentary - Dir. Toni Comas

"Storybooked" - Documentary series - Dir. Shern Sharma

“The peach blossom garden” - Feature Documentary - Dir. Oriol Martinez and Enric Ribes

“Glance Up” - Feature Documentary - Dir. Enric Ribes and Oriol Martinez

"Solo NYC" - Short Documentary - Dir. Daniel Soares

"The Kicking Yoda" - Short Documentary - Dir. Alfredo Adan

"The normal people" - Short Documentary - Dir. Daniel Soares

"The indoor project" - Short Documentary - Dir. Toni Comas

“Building Stories” - Feature Documentary - Dir. Toni Comas

“Xiong di” - Short Documentary - Dir. Enric Ribes and Oriol Martinez

“Fashion bloggers” - Short Documentary - Dir. Brooke Stevens

“Take me to the moon” - Short Documentary - Dir. Oriol Martinez and Enric Ribes